Club Med Mini Club – A Complete Guide (Cherating Beach)

This write-up was inspired by Club Med Cherating Beach, Malaysia and is written based on Club Med Cherating Beach (activities, programmes, facilities, etc) for better imagination.

  “Thinking of an ideal holiday?” “Wants to bring your kids along but at the same time, you and your spouse want to have a relaxing and quiet time at the pool?”If you have children age 4 to 10 years old, we hope this information will give you a hint or two about what Club Med Cherating Beach has to offer for your children, and of course, you. Trust us, it will be a win-win situation.

First of all, let’s start off with a short introduction about Club Med Cherating Beach. With the South China Sea on one side and a tropical jungle on the other, Kuantan, Pahang’s Club Med Cherating Beach is situated along a dazzling coastline. This resort is also Club Med’s first Eco Nature Village, with 80 hectares of tropical forest to explore, and GREEN GLOBE certification.

Club Med Cherating Beach (like ever y other Club Meds) offers peace of mind with their all-inclusive package of three international buffets daily, as well as free flow of wine, beers and drinks and snacks throughout the day.


You must be wondering, if this is school-like or nursery homes-like. Nope! It’s far beyond than that. Yes, you may call it ‘baby-sitting’ or daycare centre, but they don’t sit them in the classroom all day long learning about nature, colours, animals etc nor do they place them in front of the television watching Frozen on a repeat mode.

When I mentioned ‘they’, they are the Mini Club & Kids Club G.O.s (Gentile Organizers, as known as ‘staffs’) that takes good care of your children from day to night. Very well-trained, experienced, and knows how to get down to a kid’s level to interact and have fun together. What not, their services are all-inclusive in the package.

Mini Club MC (4-7yo) / Kids Club KC (8-10yo)

As of the month of August, 2015

MCKC starts their activities at 9.00am but it opens from 8.30am for registrations, operating hours 8.30am – 5pm & dinner at 6.45pm – 8.30pm daily. Have breakfast before coming. A registration form and a weekly MCKC schedule are given during registration. Fill up the form accordingly, food allergies, skin allergies, special notes if there’s any. Registration form is only needed to be done once upon arrival. Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully of course.

After you’ve registered your kids, you are required to sign in your kid’s details (name, age, allergies if any) on a sign-in sheet (there are 3 different group, 4 – 5 years old, 6 – 7 years old and 8 – 10 years old), and to sign out when you’re ready to pick them. Sign-in sheet is different from the registration form.  A new entry on the sign-in sheet is needed every time (applies on the next day as well) you drop your kids to the G.O.s.

This allows the responsible G.O. knows how many kids are present at that time and a coloured bracelet will be tied on their wrist. Kids with bracelets on mean they are signed in with MCKC. Don’t forget to sign them out and remove the bracelets.

*In the registration form, it’s written that an 8 years old child has the choice to be ‘FREE’. It means that he/she is allowed to leave MCKC on their own without a parent signing them out. They need to inform where they are going (only to mom and dad) to the responsible G.O. before leaving.

Here’s what you need for your beloved child: A bag to store his/her sports shoe, swimwear, sunscreen, hat or cap, extra clothes. It is advisable to place a sticky nametag on each of their items so that they don’t go missing while changing for their swimwear. You don’t need to prepare towels or hand them the towel-card because it will be ready for them before/after swimming time and beach time. Once done, give your child a kiss or hug, you may then enjoy yourself for some husband-wife time. Don’t worry on your child so much, I’m very sure they are in safe hands. The G.O.s does a head count every 10 minutes and a role-call (name callings) are done before and after every activities. You can drop off and pick up your child whenever you want during the operating times, so it isn’t something you need to commit to for a whole day, or the whole holiday. It’s always valuable to spend some family-time together.

Meals times

  • Lunch at 12pm. It will be prepared by the G.O.s for 4-7 years old (vegetables, fruits, meat, French fries, chicken nugget, pasta or rice) while the older ones will pick their own food. Child with food allergies, parents are required to come at 12pm to select their food, G.O.s are not allowed to feed an allergic child. Kids have their meals at the same restaurant as well (Mutiara Restaurant) but at a specific table near the Exit sign of the restaurant.
  • Snack time at 4pm. Cereals, bread, fruits and juices will be served at the restaurant.
  • Dinner time at 6.45pm. First accompany your kids to pick their desired food, then sit them down at the same table mentioned earlier and then sign them in again. After that, mom and dad are good to go and have yourselves a romantic dinner.
  • Dinner ends at 7.30pm and the kids are brought into the open-air theatre for their night programmes.

Daytime programmes.

List of Club Med facilities you can expect your kids to take part in MCKC

Bungee Bounce
  • Attire: Sports shoe not required (Barefoot)
  • Age limit: 4 years old and above
Flying Trapeze
  • Attire: Sports shoe not required (Barefoot)
  • Age limit: 4 years old and above
  • Attire: Comfortable (barefoot not allowed)
  • Age limit: 6 years old and above
Tree Top
  • Attire: Sports shoe required
  • Age limit: 6 years old and above
Kayaking (Beach)
  • Attire: Swimwear
  • Age limit: 6 years old and above
Sailing (Beach)
  • Attire: Swimwear
  • Age limit: 8 years old above
Swimming (Pool) 0.7metres Depth
  • Attire: Swimwear
  • Age limit: 4 years old and above
  • 4 – 5 years old are required to put on floaties
Sports (Badminton, Basketball, Football, Futsal, Tennis)
  • Attire: Sports shoe required
  • Age limit: 4 years old and above

Safety is Paramount

Child’s safety is vital to everyone, especially at Club Med. Every activity has an age restriction and in case of emergency, insurance only covers for that group age and above. This means their age is determined by their birth date (day/month/year) and not by year. Proper attires are very strictly enforced as well. Kids without proper attires may not be allowed to participate in certain activities listed above due to safety.

Water sports – the leading cause of death for kids, a crucial fact that we cannot avoid. With full responsibilities, there will be at least 2 certified lifeguards to be stationed and on duty in the 0.7m pool with the kids and watching over them. As mentioned before, age 4 to 5 years old are required to put on a floaties, this includes those who are professional swimmers. No exception. 

Day activities

Kids are sometimes brought indoor and outdoor for some games and/or lessons. Treasure hunting, nature discovery, cookie making, language classes, dancing classes, and many more. On top of that, we have dance performances at night (as the main show at 9pm) by the kids on a specific day weekly, so there will be a rehearsal on the same day. Daytime programmes should end at 4.45pm but before 5pm. Therefore, parents are advice to come at 4.45pm to pick them up.

“You wouldn’t want your child to wait so long, do you?”

Night activities

Right after dinner, the kids are brought into the theatre for more fun. More games will be organized by the G.O.s (Boys vs. Girls, Bingo Night, Human Bingo, etc). G.O.s too pull out a non-scripted skit and perform for the kids. At 8.30pm, that’s the end of Mini Club & Kids Club and kids have to wait for more fun on the next day.

Don’t forget to sign them out. :)


Like I’ve said before, you can drop and pick your child anytime during the day, try not to stay with them though throughout the entire session because that sometimes may cause the other kids to want their parents as well. But it’s always okay to spy on them and take some paparazzi photo shots.

Wants to know more? Do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the children’s club. Drop us an email to or send a private message at our Facebook page at

About the author
Brandon Yap
Former Mini Club / Lifeguard G.O. in Club Med Cherating Beach.


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