Life on Board

Participate in special lectures by guest journalists, specialist, thought leaders, and entertainers from different destinations. Join a class or hands-on workshop, Share your passion with the community by creating your own class or event, or learn from others.

On Board Programs
Guest Educators   •   Guest Performers  •  Japanese Language Lesson  •  Festival/Party  •  Culture School  •  Self Planned Events


Activities / Facilities

The array of public spaces on the ship have been adapted to serve as event halls, workshop rooms and rehearsal areas. The ballroom and lounges are ideal venues for presentations and large events, functioning both as lecture halls and stage spaces.

At the hub of Peace Boat’s activities is the Peace Boat Center, an office space used by both staff and participants to coordinate onboard events, edit videos, produce posters, plan campaigns and publish the Peace Boat daily newspaper. The Peace Boat Center also lends support and materials necessary for self-planned events, and daily activities onboard.

As well as these working spaces, the ship also offers a variety of places to relax and exercise, including a sports deck, gym, book corner, swimming pools, jacuzzis, coffee shops, bars and a sunbathing deck. Main meals are served at the two restaurants onboard combining Japanese and international cuisine. Internet and phone services via satellite are also available onboard at an extra charge.

Pair Balcony

Friendly Inside

Pair Outside

Pair/Single Inside

Semi-single Inside

Pair/Single Outside

Whether traveling with family or friends, there is a wide range of cabins to match every lifestyle and budget.