29 August – 3 December 2020

(Singapore – Yokohama, Japan / 97 days)

Chase the northern lights on a journey to discover the world’s ancient civilizations.

On this voyage we travel on the Maritime Silk Road, sailing past Egypt’s majestic pyramids to enjoy the scenic views in Europe, including the breathtaking hues of white and blue in Santorini. After five different chances to see the northern lights, we cross the Atlantic Ocean into the open arms of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The journey will then take us through the Panama Canal to the southern hemisphere to make a stop at Peru and the famous Machu Picchu. For the grand finale of the voyage we will have the chance to marvel at the natural wonders and crystal blue waters of the South Pacific islands.

Cruise Highlights

Pisco, Peru ~The City of Wonder~

Peru is a country that boasts a myriad of extraordinary sights; Machu Picchu, the city in the clouds, the mysterious Nazca Lines, and the capital, Lima, full of remarkable colonial buildings, among others. This is the first time that Peace Boat will visit Pisco.

Santorini, Greece ~Paradise in the Aegan Sea~

If you visit Santorini, you are sure to have the vivid shades of white and blue from the island’s picturesque landscape etched in your memory forever. The ancient ruins of Akrotiri, preserved from 1500BC is also one of the main attractions in Santorini.

Barcelona, Spain ~The City of Arts and Culture~

Barcelona, famed as the city of Gaudí, is a port city situated in northeast Spain. The city is full of Gaudí’s stunning architectural masterpieces such as the famous Sagrada Familia which is still under construction, and Park Guell, a place where fantastic shapes and vibrant mosaics come to life.


Amazing Destinations

Singapore August 29
Kochi, India September 4
Passing through the Suez Canal
Port Said, Egypt September 14 – 15
Santorini, Greece September 17
Piraeus, Greece September 18
Civitavecchia, Italy September 21 – 22
Barcelona, Spain September 24
Tangier, Morocco September 26
Porto, Portugal September 28
Liverpool, UK/England October 1
Chance to see the Northern Lights
Reykjavik, Iceland October 6
Chance to see the Northern Lights
New York, United States October 13 – 14
Havana, Cuba October 18
Passing through the Panama Canal
Montego Bay, Jamaica October 21
Cristobal, Panama October 23 – 24
Pisco, Peru October 29 – 31
Rapa Nui/ Easter Island, Chile
November 7
Papeete, Tahiti November 16
Bora Bora, Tahiti November 17
Apia, Samoa November 22
Yokohama, Japan December 3

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