6 September– 10 December 2020

(Singapore – Yokohama, Japan / 96 days)

Chase the northern lights on a journey to discover the world’s ancient civilizations.

You’ll have 5 different chances just to see the aurora!

From the ancient civilisation of Egypt, to the famous ‘Eternal City’ of Rome and the walls of Valletta, this voyage will take you to Europe and beyond. After the mystical Northern Lights, the voyage will make its way through the beautiful Caribbean and the World Heritage Sites in Peru and Easter Island, and all the way across the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Cruise Highlights

Callao, Peru

The world famous City in the Clouds, Machu Picchu, still has many unsolved mysteries, which coupled with its stunning landscape makes for an experience everyone will remember.

Rome, Italy

Dotted with monuments to the glory of its ancient past, drink in the beauty of Rome, listed itself as a World Heritage site and known for its magnificent cityscape.

Easter Island, Chile

The lonely island famous for it’s 1000 Moai statues, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) has both breathtaking beauty as well as the mysteries of its stony inhabitants for you to explore.


Amazing Destinations

Singapore September 6
Kochi, India September 12
Passing through the Suez Canal
Port Said, Egypt September 22 – 23
Santorini, Greece September 25
Piraeus, Greece September 26
Valletta, Malta September 28
Civitavecchia, Italy September 30
Valencia, Spain October 2
Porto, Portugal October 5
Nantes[St Nazaire], France October 7
Liverpool, UK/England October 9
Glasgow[Greenock], Scotland October 10
Chance to see the Northern Lights
Reykjavik, Iceland October 15
Chance to see the Northern Lights
Freeport, Bahama October 24
Montego Bay, Jamaica October 27
Cristobal, Panama October 29 – 30
Passing through the Panama Canal
Callao, Peru November 3 – 6
Easter Island, Chile November 12
Papeete, Tahiti November 21
Honolulu, Hawaii/USA November 28 – 29
Yokohama, Japan December 10


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