What Holiday Tours
can do for you

In a nutshell, our goal is to give you the world, your way.

What Holiday Tours
can do for you

In a nutshell, our goal is to give you the world, your way.

Let’s break that down

We assist with all your business travel needs. We help create, optimise and manage your corporate travel programme. More than that, we transform your trips into unforgettable experiences. Because our aim is to be the leading experiential travel brand in Asia.
Hence our goal to give you: The world, your way.

How we’ll get there

The road may be long, but we’re driven by principles and fuelled by these values:

We deliver WOW in all we do
We go above and beyond in servicing our clients. We aim to exceed expectations and delight them and our partners, investors, suppliers, coworkers including all we connect with with a positive can-do spirit.

We are reliable and trustworthy
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. We speak openly, honestly and kindly among ourselves and to all. We listen with the intention to support and uplift each other.

We embrace and welcome change
We are future-forward and innovative. We drive and encourage change for the better enthusiastically. We thrive with original thinking. We challenge the status quo and see adversity as an opportunity.

We pursue growth and learning
As the company advances, we advance individually. We believe there’s more potential in us and are curious about exploring new ideas. We inspire and mentor each other with our knowledge and experience.

We are humble
We are respectful of everyone. We treat others as we wish to be treated. We build each other up, acknowledge and learn through our strengths and mistakes. While we celebrate our wins, we are never arrogant.

Making it work for you

Whichever destination you’re heading to, know that you’ll always enjoy:
We provide you best-in-class corporate travel services and optimised processing of simple and complex transactions.
A great variety of packages and services unlocks new avenues of cost efficiencies whilst improving processes to maximise savings.

In which we minimise the risk of losses and provide traveller assistance during crises with our business travel management expertise.

These 3 key areas represent the Holiday Tours commitment to you.

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