International Global Expos and Industry Events to Attend in 2024    

Each year, a wide array of international global expos, trade fairs unfolds across the globe, spanning renowned destinations such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, and more.

These vibrant events, often referred to as international exhibitions or trade shows, cater to a multitude of sectors and present unparalleled business opportunities. They serve as a platform to connect potential suppliers, partners, and customers, allowing exporters and importers from around the world to gather, collaborate, and explore new ventures. 

For your ease of reference, we will look into key global expos, trade shows and exhibitions around the world, covering sectors such as Manufacturing, Environment Resources Management, Banking, Education, and Engineering.  

International Global Expos and Industry Events to Keep an Eye on for 2024
key global expos, trade shows and exhibitions around the world

Despite facing challenges like geopolitical uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, and increasing regulations, the manufacturing industry’s growth shows no signs of slowing down—there’s a lot to keep up with!  This year’s global manufacturing conferences are set to bring together thought leaders and industry experts to discuss the future of manufacturing and the significant changes on the horizon.  

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your business or gain new insights, these top manufacturing conferences will help you stay ahead of the curve! 

1. Manufacturing World 2024, Tokyo 

Date: June 19-21, 2024  

Location: Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo 


 Manufacturing World Tokyo features 10 specialised shows, each focusing on different aspects of digital transformation for manufacturers. These include factory automation, additive manufacturing, various mechanical components, measuring products, and other factory facilities.  

 The event attracts major visitors from the design, development, production engineering, purchasing, and information systems divisions of automotive, heavy industry, electric, machinery, and precision equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

2. Medical Manufacturing Asia 2024, Singapore  

 Date: September 11-13, 2024  

Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore  


 As part of the MEDICAlliance global network, this event stands as a premier trade fair for Asia’s MedTech and medical manufacturing sectors. It serves as a vital platform for business executives involved in medtech trade and medical manufacturing to connect and explore new opportunities.   

Attendees gain access to the latest innovations in medical manufacturing, with insights into new technologies and processes that are driving the future of medical devices. 

3. GIFA Indonesia 2024, Jakarta  

Date: September 11-14, 2024  

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia  


 GIFA Indonesia stands as a premier event focused on the foundry industry, highlighting cutting-edge products and technologies in foundry machinery, melting and pouring technology, refractory materials, moulding, and core making.  

It serves as a vital platform for industry experts to share ideas and experiences in the realm of foundry technology. Part of the esteemed “Bright World of Metals” series, the event is complemented by METEC Indonesia and MINING Indonesia, providing attendees with a comprehensive view of the Southeast Asian mining, metallurgy, and foundry industry. 

Environment Resources Management (ERM) 

 Addressing the challenges of global warming, climate change, and fostering a greener, more sustainable lifestyle has become imperative in the 21st century. Undoing the detrimental effects of decades of pollution, disposable culture, reliance on harmful plastics, fossil fuels, deforestation, and unethical material sourcing poses a monumental task for us all. 

 However, if individuals and businesses alike commit to reducing their environmental footprint, we can pave the way for a brighter future for generations to come. If you’re passionate about sustainability and eager to stay informed about the latest developments and trends, as well as explore how you and your business can embrace a more sustainable way of life, then here are a few sustainability conferences to check out.  

1. 19th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems, Rome  

Date: September 8-12, 2024  

Location: SDEWES, Rome, Italy 


The SDEWES conference is a leading global event dedicated to sustainability, aiming to pave the way towards a more resource-efficient future and a smarter economy while maintaining balance among the environment, society, and economy. 

 Experts share advancements in sustainability methods, policies, and technologies, fostering new studies and research to further progress in the field. One focus is on integrating various systems to support sustainable development effectively. 

 This gathering serves as a vital platform for researchers to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on solving complex sustainability challenges. Topics include strategies for decarbonizing energy systems, urban climate planning, sustainable building measures, and renewable energy solutions. 

 2. Sustainability Live London, London 

Date: September 10-11, 2024  

Location: Business Design Centre, London, United Kingdom  


Returning for its fourth edition, Sustainability LIVE London is set to take the stage in both physical and virtual formats. Organised by BizClik, this event has been acclaimed as the world’s top sustainability conference and is anticipated to draw over 8,000 attendees, both in-person and virtually, to the esteemed Business Design Centre. 

This year’s highlight is the debut of the Global Sustainability & ESG Awards, recognizing leaders and organisations driving positive change towards a more sustainable future. With 12 categories, the awards will be judged by a distinguished panel of sustainability experts, including Adam Elman, Head of EMEA Sustainability at Google EMEA. 

3. UN Climate Change Conference – UNFCCC COP29, Baku 

Date: November 11-24, 2024  

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan  


 Following COP28 UAE’s conclusion, which addressed fossil fuels in its final agreement for the first time, the next UN climate conference will be in November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan. This marks a shift to Eastern Europe after a decade. Azerbaijan, like the UAE, is an oil producer but aims to diversify its energy sources with wind and solar power.  

 COP28’s achievements set a strong precedent for COP29, offering a chance to realign global efforts and hold nations accountable for their commitments. The private sector’s inclusion in COP28 underscores its crucial role in tackling environmental challenges, signalling a path for continued collaboration in COP29. 


Banking and credit union leaders are constantly seeking ways to outpace their rivals. They crave insights into the newest trends and seek out best practices from fellow industry players. 

Fortunately, the financial sector hosts numerous events and conferences, offering a wealth of knowledge on fresh ideas, technology, and business strategies. We’ve curated a remarkable lineup of the globe’s premier conferences tailored for banking and credit union leaders. Whether you’re in accounting, human resources, information technology, lending, or operations—there’s something here to elevate your game. 

1. Digital Banking Conference, Florida 

 Date: June 24-25, 2024  

Location: Florida, United States of America  


 The Digital Banking Conference stands as the foremost gathering for banking industry innovators, offering a platform to explore how technology can be harnessed to elevate customer experiences. Attendees gain insights into the latest products and services shaping the industry landscape.  

 Over two days, this event brings together leading-edge solutions, pivotal industry insights, and meticulously designed networking avenues. Ideal attendees include banks of all sizes and senior-level decision-makers seeking to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and innovations. 

 2. Seamless Europe 2024, Munich  

 Date: September 10-11, 2024  

Location: Munich, Germany  


 Seamless Europe 2024 is a premier event dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies and solutions for the payments, banking, and fintech sectors. Attendees will gain valuable insights into creating seamless and frictionless customer journeys, optimising operational efficiency, and enhancing security measures.  

 The event features a dedicated networking lounge, a guest buyer program, and a comprehensive networking app to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations. Whether you are looking to stay ahead of industry trends or explore innovative solutions, Seamless Europe 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and development. 

 3. MAC Conference 2024, Los Angeles  

 Date: September 9-11, 2024  

Location: Loews Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, California, United States of America  


 The Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) is a professional association dedicated to credit union marketers. MAC aims to help you excel professionally by providing a platform for sharing ideas and fostering mutual support.  

 This event is all about collaboration and learning, offering attendees the chance to gain insights from some of the top marketing minds in the credit union industry. If you’re a credit union professional looking to enhance your marketing skills and network with industry leaders, this event is designed for you.  


Higher education conferences offer leaders in the field a crucial opportunity to refine their skills and stay updated on the latest trends and challenges.  

These events are essential for staying informed about industry developments and provide valuable platforms for networking and meaningful interactions with peers. Each conference on our list is a worthwhile investment for professionals aiming to enhance their expertise and connections in higher education. 

 1. European Conference of Education (ECE) 2024, London 

 Date: July 11-15, 2024  

Location: SOAS and University College London, London, United Kingdom  


 This education conference promises a rich exchange of new insights, cutting-edge research, and innovative teaching strategies from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. At ECE2024, academics and scholars will gather for enriching dialogue on an international stage, offering a platform to reconnect with fellow educators, establish new connections, and cultivate collaborations across borders to shape the future of education. 

 Attendees will have the opportunity to hear a keynote presentation by Donald E. Hall on “The Work of the University in Perilous Times” and meet featured speakers Anne Boddington, Evangelia Chrysikou, Joseph Haldane, and Neelam Raina. This international conference is a must-attend for anyone passionate about the future of education. 

 2. World Conference of Education and Training (WCET) 2024  

 Date: July 25-27, 2024  

Location: InterContinental Singapore, Singapore  


 Singapore’s renowned education system, consistently ranking among the world’s best, makes it the ideal location for the World Conference on Education and Training (WCET) 2024. This international conference offers an extensive three-day program featuring breakout sessions and poster exhibitions on 23 diverse topics. 

 Attendees will have the opportunity to meet esteemed speakers from the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Greece, Japan, and Taiwan, including Prof. K. Keifer-Boyd, Prof. Florian Klapproth, Prof. Luke Tse, Dr. Charles Evans, and more. The symposium aims to unite a wide spectrum of education leaders, teachers, learners, researchers, and administrators, fostering collaborative learning experiences and knowledge exchange. 

 3. AMA Summer Academic Conference, Boston  

Date: August 16-18, 2024  

Location: Virtual, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America  


 As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges and rapid technological advancements, the need to navigate an uncertain future becomes increasingly important. This conference highlights the essential role of marketing in helping individuals, businesses, and societies prepare for and adapt to these changes.  

 It covers a range of topics, including digital marketing, global marketing, and sustainability, providing valuable insights into the latest marketing research and practices. Notable conference tracks include advertising and marketing communications, AI and machine learning, and B2B and supply chain management. 


 They say engineers are the driving force behind our country’s innovation, and we couldn’t agree more! Attending conferences where you get to soak up knowledge from some of the brightest minds across the globe is like stepping into a room filled with inspiration and ideas waiting to be explored. 

 While some engineers might brush off the idea of attending conferences, others often find themselves at the forefront of career opportunities. Just ask any seasoned engineer who’s been around the block—they’ll tell you that attending conferences has been a game-changer for them. These events aren’t just about networking; they’re about soaking in fresh insights, gaining new perspectives, and expanding your professional horizons.  

 1. LeadDev London 2024, London 

 Date: June 11-12, 2024  

Location: Barbican Centre, London, United Kingdom  


 LeadDev London stands out as a conference meticulously crafted for technical leaders and engineering managers alike. It delves into a myriad of pertinent topics, ranging from team management to effective communication and technical strategy. Esteemed speakers, hailing from renowned tech giants, grace the stage, generously imparting their insights and lessons learned from navigating the complexities of leading technical teams. 

 This conference serves as a cornerstone for both current and aspiring tech leaders aiming to elevate their leadership prowess and strategic acumen. In an industry marked by perpetual evolution, staying abreast of the latest leadership methodologies and best practices is paramount. LeadDev London offers a prime opportunity to hone these skills, fostering an environment conducive to team success and innovation. 

 2. SoSE Engineering 2024, Tacoma, WA  

Date: June 23-26, 2024  

Location: Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA, United States of America  


SoSE Engineering 2024 revolves around systems of systems engineering, delving into the intricacies of complex engineering endeavours and system integration. It’s a platform dedicated to exploring interoperability, scalability, and optimization within systems engineering. Though the speaker lineup for 2024 is yet to be finalised, past editions have welcomed esteemed experts and scholars from academia, industry, and government. 

For engineers and professionals grappling with complex systems, this conference offers unparalleled insights into managing and integrating diverse systems into cohesive, operational entities. In an era where systems grow increasingly intricate, grasping the fundamentals of systems of systems engineering is indispensable for addressing modern engineering complexities. 

3. Coalesce 2024, Las Vegas  

Date: October 7-10, 2024  

Location: Nevada at Resorts World, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America  


Coalesce 2024 stands as the premier gathering for the analytics engineering community, spotlighting modern data stacks, analytics engineering best practices, and the evolving landscape of data analytics. Renowned speakers from the forefront of the analytics engineering domain, including key contributors to DBT and experts from leading data-driven enterprises, headline the conference. 

Analytics engineering serves as the backbone of data-driven decision-making in the business realm. Coalesce 2024 offers a comprehensive exploration of the tools, methodologies, and trends shaping the future of data analytics. Attendance at this event is indispensable for organisations seeking to optimise their data assets and construct resilient, scalable data pipelines amidst an increasingly data-centric environment. 

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