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Over the past few years, travel has been quite a ride. When the pandemic hit in 2020, worldwide travel restrictions kept many of us close to home. However, as we step into a post-pandemic world, travel is bouncing back.  

In 2022, we witnessed a remarkable return to normalcy, marked by a surge in demand for international travel. Surveys by Expedia,, and VRBO reveal that travellers are now eager to embrace the unexpected—whether it’s off-the-grid adventures, becoming digital nomads, wellness breaks, culture-focused trips, or simply checking items off their bucket lists. 

The benefits of business travel outweighs the costHere’s a look at the evolvement of travel as we move into a new era of business travel. This will include looking into the challenges companies may face with these shifting travel trends:  

Business travel trends in 2024 and beyond
1. “Bleisure” on the rise  

Bleisure travel, blending work with personal exploration, is gaining popularity. From city breaks before conferences to beach retreats after meetings, this trend surged in 2023, reshaping corporate travel norms. However, aligning employee desires with business goals poses challenges, requiring careful coordination. 

2. Technology is key 

Technology is revolutionising international corporate travel. With mobile devices driving flight and hotel bookings, and biometric innovations streamlining airport operations, business travellers benefit from expedited and efficient travel experiences. 

 3. Prioritising wellness  

Wellness emerges as a top priority for today’s business travellers. The pandemic has intensified health concerns for both travellers and companies, underscoring the importance of authentic wellness offerings across various price points. From destination activities to hotel amenities and safety protocols, integrating wellness seamlessly into every aspect of the business trip is essential. 

4. Hybrid working and virtual meetings are here to stay 

Hybrid work models and virtual meetings are now known practices in the business landscape. Lockdown has accelerated the adoption of digital tools, showing that not all meetings need in-person attendance. While face-to-face interactions are still valuable, companies are embracing flexibility, allowing them to prioritise essential travel and focus on trips that require personal interaction. 

Managing evolving travel trends: Challenges and Solutions 

Change is an ever-present factor impacting various industries. As business travel gradually resumes, it transforms. For companies striving for growth, business travel retains its importance in facilitating face-to-face interactions, showcasing commitment to clients, and boosting employee engagement. 

But what are the implications of this evolving landscape for businesses, especially those handling travel arrangements independently? 

1. Budget Constraints 

In response to financial pressures, businesses are faced with difficult choices regarding budgets and cost-saving strategies. With leaders reevaluating financial situation, travel programs are often the first to experience budget reductions.  

 However, despite the rise of virtual meetings, business travel remains essential for fostering relationships both locally and globally. While non-essential travel may be paused temporarily, for companies involved in equipment delivery, consultancy, maintenance and support, and energy and resources, travel remains integral to their operations. 

Holiday Tours understand the importance of cost-effective solutions. Their goal is to save you money while maximising the value of your corporate travel. Through their collaboration with global partners, they offer tailored packages and services that deliver maximum value for your budget, without compromising on quality. 

 2. Adapting to evolving business traveller needs  

Business travellers now expect the convenience and efficiency of managing travel through mobile devices. The seamless booking experience of consumer platforms is the new standard for savvy travellers, who seek similar ease when booking business travel.  

This shift towards digitalization benefits both companies and travellers by simplifying the booking process. Yet, amidst the excitement of technological advancements, businesses must also confront the less glamorous realities of travel. From enduring long separations from loved ones to navigating the complexities of health concerns, the modern business traveller’s journey is a balancing act between adventure and responsibility. 

Let Holiday Tours take the stress out of corporate travel planning for your employees’ evolving needs. From start to finish, their dedicated team provides personalised support and expert advice, ensuring every trip is smooth and hassle-free. Additionally, they can assist in crafting tailored corporate travel policies that align with your company’s objectives, ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness. 

 3. Low employee morale and poor collaboration 

The rise of WFH (Work From Home) culture has businesses reassessing the necessity of office spaces and traditional business travel. With technology enabling virtual connections, the question arises: is in-person interaction truly essential?  

However, prolonged remote work can lead to feelings of isolation and burnout, affecting employee morale and collaboration. While this may not initially appear to be a concern for businesses, the changing work environment presents an opportunity for business travel programs to make a meaningful impact. As travel resumes, businesses can explore ways to boost morale and address employee needs through travel incentives.  

Elevate employee morale and collaboration with well-organised incentive travel experiences. A meticulously crafted plan not only boosts productivity, loyalty, and engagement but also enhances company culture and morale. With Holiday Tours, save both money and time by leveraging our network of partners for exclusive discounts on your behalf. Let us help you plan unforgettable incentive trips that inspire and motivate your team. 

 4. Improving travel safety and risk management  

As travel restrictions fluctuate based on political and social-economic changes, businesses face the challenge of ensuring the safety of their travellers and effectively managing travel risks. Real-life experiences navigating flight cancellations, curfews, and border closures underscore the importance of adapting to this new reality.  

This provides an opportunity for businesses to reevaluate their travel policies and enhance duty of care practices. Providing support for employees to comply with travel regulations is essential, along with the flexibility to address cancellations amid changing requirements. 

The safety of their clients is paramount to all travel management companies. With rigorous safety protocols and proactive crisis management, Holiday Tours has the means to minimise risks and ensure your well-being throughout your corporate travel experience. Travel with confidence, knowing they have you covered every step of the way. 

Holiday Tours’ Travel Safety Promise

Holiday Tours upholds stringent safety standards to ensure secure and worry-free travel experiences. Their Travel Safety Promise, developed in collaboration with the MATTA – Travel Safe Malaysia program, embodies a comprehensive suite of travel safety services. 

Prioritizing the peace of mind of travellers. Holiday Tours strive to provide secure and reliable travel experiences, safeguarding well-being through the enforcement of stringent safety and health protocols. Their commitment to mitigating travel risks, including natural disasters, crime, social unrest, and business disruptions, has earned them the esteemed Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label.  

Holiday Tours is committed to full compliance with travel regulations, ensuring that all aspects of every journey meet the necessary standards for safety and security. 

Holiday Tours’ Travel Service Care

With nearly five decades of leadership in the travel management industry and a robust track record of servicing over 500 esteemed corporate clients, Holiday Tours possesses a comprehensive understanding of diverse travel needs. Travelers can count on them for seamless and hassle-free travel arrangements. 

Holiday Tours focuses on providing client-centric services tailored to unique needs, fostering trust, and building lasting relationships. By leveraging advanced technology, they offer seamless travel solutions to ensure journeys are hassle-free and efficient. Additionally, Holiday Tours provides 24/7 support to address any concerns or emergencies, offering peace of mind throughout travels. 

Transparency is a key principle for Holiday Tours. They offer clear and comprehensive reporting to keep travellers informed every step of the way. Understanding that plans can change, Holiday Tours offers flexible policies to accommodate evolving travel needs. Furthermore, they ensure broad access to a wide range of flight options, accommodations, event venues, and transportation services, providing the resources necessary for successful journeys.

Learn more about their travel safety promise and travel service care. 

 Case study: Overcoming airport strikes in Germany, 2024  

Problem: Sita Devi’s colleague was scheduled for a crucial business trip from Kuala Lumpur to Leipzig, Germany recently. However, their plans were disrupted by last-minute airport strikes across Germany, posing a significant challenge to their travel arrangements. 

Solution: With their long-standing partnership with Holiday Tours, Sita Devi reached out for assistance. Holiday Tours swiftly sprang into action, leveraging their expertise and network to navigate through the strike-induced chaos. Through meticulous coordination with airports and ground transportation, they secured a safe alternative route for the business traveller. Additionally, Holiday Tours provided the convenience of purchasing comprehensive travel insurance and all-in-one trip packages, ensuring peace of mind amidst the uncertainties of travel. 

Result: Thanks to Holiday Tours’ proactive approach and unwavering support, Sita Devi’s colleague successfully reached Leipzig, Germany, fulfilling their business obligations despite the challenges posed by the airport strikes. Reflecting on the experience, Sita Devi expressed, ‘Holiday Tours ensured our colleague’s travel was handled with utmost care and efficiency. Their quick action and comprehensive solutions made all the difference.'” 

Holiday Tours: A Global Partner in Exceptional Corporate Travel Management 

Holiday Tours has been transforming the corporate and leisure travel landscape for almost 50 years. Their legacy of excellence and deep industry expertise make them the go-to partner for managing the sophisticated and discerning needs of travellers. 

As a trusted corporate travel partner, Holiday Tours specialises in navigating the complexities of modern travel management. Their dedication to Travel Service Care and their Travel Safety Promise ensures that every journey is cost-efficient and seamless. 

Through an exclusive partnership with CWT, the world leader in business travel management, and with certifications from IATA, GDS, PDPA, and PCI, Holiday Tours delivers services that meet the highest standards of quality and security. 

Holiday Tours boasts an extensive network across Malaysia, with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, and Kuantan, and Remote Travel Support in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Handling RM500 million in corporate travel annually, their high retention rate speaks volumes about their dedication to their clients. 


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